World-class Worship Leading Course

Twenty vital worship leading lessons

In this course I cover twenty things that will help you lead your church and your team well every week. Everything is free. Scroll down below or watch on YouTube.  The resources mentioned in the videos below are available from the Resources page.

The twenty videos cover five modules:

Personal Growth | Lesson 1 – 5.
Preparation | Lesson 6 – 9
Practicing Worship | Lesson 10 – 13
Participation | Lesson 14 – 16
Presence of God |Lesson 17 – 20

The first video below, Foundation Lesson: Leaders give some context to who this course is talking to.

Foundation Lesson: Leaders

Lesson 1: Leading from Relationship

Lesson 2: Creating Ownership

Lesson 3: Leading with Authenticity

Lesson 4: Leading with Confidence

Lesson 5: Leading with Compassion

Lesson 6: Creating a Worship Journey

Lesson 7: The i in Worship

Lesson 8: The fuel and fire

Lesson 9: All Things Considered

Lesson 10: Maximising Team

Lesson 11: Communication

Lesson 12: Learning Songs

Lesson 13: Less Speed, More Groove

Lesson 14: Leading Between the Lines

Lesson 15: Finding Words

Lesson 16: Teaching

Lesson 17: Pivotal Moments

Lesson 18: Being Spontaneous

Lesson 19: Flowing

Lesson 20: Songwriting