This track is a new one I wrote two weeks ago. We’re busy with a series in James and I wanted to write something new at the start of the new year.


It’s a simple track that focusses on God as a good and perfect Father. And that when we draw near to Him and approach His throne with confidence, He draws near to us.

For me, that is what worship is all about, us approaching God in adoration of all He is and all He has done for us, knowing that He is with us. And seeing God respond to us as we do. The natural result is praise, worship and surrender.

The tag at the end is something I wrote a while ago as a possible bridge for another song I was asked to collaborate on but when I was playing through Father of Lights, it felt like a great end to this song. So I may keep it where it is 🙂

Run towards Him in worship. He is faithful and good and His mercy and love endure forever.