Hi, I’m Michael

Worship Leader, Songwriter, Musician

This is what I LOVE doing. I love worshipping God, I love raising teams and seeing people grow and seeing people connect with God in meaningful ways.

I want to equip you to lead with confidence and add life to your church week in and week out. I know how much goes into each week of worship. All the preparation, planning, the things that have the potential to trip us up, the challenges, the high and the lows and I’ve started World-class Worship to help fast-track your learning as a worship leader and be a resource to you and your team. I’ve been leading worship for over twenty years and really I just feel I need to to pass on what I know. Often in worship, we may recognise a gift on someone or there’s some ability to sing and lead and we put them upfront with very little training other than what they see and hear on the team or in the church. This is going to be a very focused, experience-based, resourceful place for worship leaders. Whether you’ve been leading for years or just starting out, there’ll be something for you in the tried and tested principles and practices we talk about. I want to help you, your team and your church grow in your understanding and experience of worship.

Michael Healy is a worship leader, songwriter and musician with a over twenty years of experience in leading worship and songwriting. He has led small and large teams, directed bands and has led thousands in worship. His calling and passion for worship and for developing teams and leaders is evident in the energy he brings to each aspect of ministry.

Michael also spent a year at the Hillsong Leadership College (worship stream) in Sydney, Australia and was part of the worship team.

He currently serves on the worship team at Godfirst Church in South Africa as a worship and band leader. His current focus includes training and resourcing worship leaders through his World-class Worship Podcast and training course.

Michael lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, with his wife, Nicole, and three kids.