I spent a year at the Hillsong College in Sydney, Australia, learning from the some of the best worship leaders, musicians and songwriters in the world. I also had the privilege of serving in many of the weekend worship teams. Friday night Powerhouse, Sunday satellite churches, Sunday mornings and evenings in the main church, album recordings, smaller weekly meetings… All a phenomenal experience. In today’s episode I share the most valuable lesson I learnt during that year at Hillsong (it’s probably not what you think).


I always include a resource that will help you apply what we discuss in the episode. Take time over the next week to read ten of my favourite passages of scripture. My hope is that as you do, it will inspire you to spend more time in the Word.

1. Psalm 16
2. John 14 – John 17
3. 1 Samuel 30:24
4. Colossians 1
5. Colossians 3
6. Psalm 145
7. Job 37 – Job 39
8. 1 John 2
9. Isaiah 45
10. Genesis 1

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