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Those who know me will tell you that I’m passionate about songwriting and I believe it’s an vital part of our worship and our growth as worshippers and worship leaders. Being able to express or capture our own worship to God in a way that helps and inspires others to worship God as we glorify Him. I take you through my process of writing a song. I get asked all the time how I’m able to finish a song. And speaking to other worship song writers or worship leaders wanting to write songs, one of the biggest hurdles is finishing a song. How do you get from your ideas to a finished song you can sing on a Sunday in church. How do you know when you’re done?

Well that’s what we talk about today, we look at the process I went through to write a song I started writing and finished writing this week. The songwriting process for me is often similar but I think it’s helpful to look at a specific track to be able to get into some detail.


All the Praise to You Jesus – full demo track mp3 download + chord chart
Songwriting Blueprint Guide

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